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Dressage News, Rules, and Tests

Dressage shows are governed by FEI Dressage Tests and FEI Dressage Rules. These tests and rules set out how each level of dressage will be measured and are guidelines for dressage judges. Dressage tests are updated periodically to keep the sport interesting for horse, riders, and spectators.


The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) governs all equestrian show and events by setting standards for qualifying and performing in horse shows throughout the world. Dressage standards are set by FEI and further developed by national dressage organizations such as the United States Dressage Foundation (USDF.)

United States Dressage Show Venues

Visit some of the finest dressage show venues in the United States such as Devon, PA and Delmar, CA. Our pages include photographs of all of the beautiful dressage show venues that host the great shows each year.

International Dressage Show Venues


USDF Calendar of Events

The United States Dressage Foundation (USDF) establishes dressage programs in the United States that conform to the FEI Dressage Tests and Rules. The USDF also adds some of its own standards to dressage shows in the United States.

Today's Dressage Show News

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