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Kennedy Space Center | Hotels Nearby

Kennedy Space CenterYou are standing on the beach near the Kennedy Space Center, waiting in the twilight for a rocket to hurl itself into the evening sky. First you see the glow on the horizon, then the roar of the engines catches up with the rockets red glare, and you watch in awe as the thousands of tons of space craft lifts slowly,  then faster, as those powerful rocket engines take over from earth's gravity.
Your heart beats a little faster now, as this once in a lifetime experience takes hold, and you realize what you are watching. History in the making with every launch of new satellites or a trip to the space station to bring vital supplies. Wait now for the thunder of the returning first stage as it breaks on the sound barrier on its way to a recycle landing.

Your heart is bursting with pride as to what your country has accomplished, first with NASA, and now with private enterprise such as Blue Origins, SpaceX, and the United Space Alliance. Each new flight solidifies America's leading edge in space and technology.

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